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Yiayia's & Pappou's House

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

March 4,2021

Good Evening,

Kiriaki here, ah I am back writing to you after some time away to focus on myself and my health. I have strictly been focusing on doing my best to take care of my mental health. If I am not at work, home resting, out shopping or outdoors in nature you can also find me spending time with "Yiayia"- my grandmother Joanna. I spend almost every day with her and my mother Poppie. My grandmother is my second best-friend behind my mother. We share all our stories to each other. I love spending hours with her listening to all the amazing stories about my grandfather George and their childhood growing up.My pappou and Yiayia have three kids, John who is my father, Sophia who is my aunt and my other aunt Marina. My pappou George Kyriakidis migrated to America from Sfendami, Greece when he was 28 years old with my grandmother Joanna who was 27 years old. My grandfather George had five relatives, Kosta, Niko, Lazaros, Hari and Anna. All of which are deceased.

My Grandmother Joanna has four relatives Athina who is deceased, Vasiliki, Niko, and Vangeli who is deceased.This month March 9,2021 marks one year since my grandfather passed away peacefully in New Bedford, Massachusetts where he settled and started his restaurant business after working multiple jobs in Boston growing up. My grandfather's parents migrated as Ana-Tolian/Pontian Greek refugees to Greece when he was 2 years old he lost his home and family to religious persecution and ethnic violence. George Kyriakidis experienced German occupation during the World War ll and the civil war in Greece where he learned the value of loss and life at a very early age. My Pappou, George served in the Greek army and then he married my Yiayia, Joanna in 1961.

My pappou was driven by a desire to seek a better life where he entered a lottery and won immigrated to the United States with his wife Joanna and the children in1965.George became a U.S. citizen where he worked hard to achieve a better future for his family in Boston,MA. My Pappou George started his career in his new country as a bus boy, but quickly moved up to top chef at Anthony's Pier Four, following his years at Anthony Pier 4, he transitioned to become a hotel chef at a Holiday Inn and eventually owned multiple businesses in the Greater Boston Area including Libby's Restaurant, Arnold's Restaurant, and Four Corner's Pizza. In 1979 my grandfather settled in New Bedford, MA opening New Bedford House of Pizza where he worked until retirement.

My grandfather was a devout and active member of St. George Orthodox Church in Dartmouth, MA. He Enjoyed traveling to his home country of Greece every summer, where he enjoyed playing cards with his friends, discussing politics and spending holidays with his family, singing and dancing Greek- Pontiaka. Reading one his favorite Greek - American newspaper's the Greek National Herald. My pappou George had such an friendly loving personality, he loved helping people and his community. He was always willing to help his family, friends and even a stranger who was in need.George was the leader and patriarch of the family and forever will be remembered for his strong work ethic, love for his family, culture and faith. My pappou is survived by my Yiayia, Joanna, his children, John (Poppie), Sophia (Dave), Marina, (Dave), his grandchildren, Joanna (Christopher), John, Georgea(John) Dimetra, Kiriaki, Georgia and his great-granddaughters Katerina, Kalliope,Kleoniki. My pappou will be forever missed, may his memory be eternal. Forever in my heart Pappou George I love you to eternity. May you Rest in Peace, Αιώνια η μνήμη <3.

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