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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Who doesn't love traveling,I sure do. I live for travel, the places, the people, the culture. I have spent the last few years between school and work traveling, making weekends summer trips. I spent summers in Europe and visited several different states as well. Traveling enhances your learning ability, not only do you have the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and places, but experience amazing places.

Hometown Trips

Beginning with my hometown New Bedford,Massachusetts, known as the "Whaling City". I my first ever trip to experience America's longest painting in the world. The unique mural is called the "Purrington Russell Panorama which is known as "A Spectacle in Motion".

This painting felt endless, it was a never ending canvas that was created by an entrepreneur and artist named Benjamin Russel and his carriage painter Caleb P. Purrington. The Canvas is a 19th century work of art which was 1,275 feet long that depicted the whaling voyage of talented entrepreneur. I loved observing such exotic pieces of art, left you in awe and to wonder how two individuals created, such an amazing piece of art, was almost unbelievable.

New Bedford, MA 2018

Now off to more more exciting places I want to share that I have checked off my bucket list.

Another fun place I visited last spring in my local area in the town of Dartmouth,Massachusetts where their is this amazing field filled with daffodils that bloom each spring and I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place with siblings last spring.

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