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-Sunny Florida -

Goodmorning lovelies,

I just flew into Florida with my family yesterday morning and I am so excited to be here for a fun exciting family getaway. Not only do I get to spend time with my family here in Florida, but I also get to explore new areas of Florida, such as Siesta Keys,Boca Grande, and Tampa,Florida. As you may know already I love exploring new places and cities, I am so excited to share my fun getaway journey with all of you.

I flew out to Florida and arrived in Tampa and it's absolutely amazing. I put my lemon bathing suit on after flying in and stepped right into the spa salted pool, it was so relaxing and rejuvenating, cleansing my body and soul.I later I sunbathed by the pool for a bit and I ended my day by photographing the lush green garden. Florida is truly like a botanical oasis. Lastly I photographed the family dog, Lala she is the cutest, sweetest puppy in the family where she comforts you anytime you need (as long as you have a treat). <3

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