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Sunny Paradise - Florida Days

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Good-Morning lovelies,

Woke up this morning and I am preparing myself for a fun pool day with my relatives here in Florida. Who doesn't love waking up on vacation to a beautiful breakfast by the pool, I sure do. Breakfast and the beach is perfect paradise for me, not only that, but the scenery and environment here in Florida is amazing. The location where I am currently staying in is so serene and beautiful it couldn't get anymore peaceful than this getaway vacation. It is a miniature spa resort in sunny Florida with a glistening salt spa pool. In the luxurious house their are beautiful pieces of art as well, such as this women in the frame below, she actually reminds of myself in my zen space, so calm and relaxed. The luxury house also has green, lush botanicals, of all different colors and shapes and a beautiful boutique of purple and pink flowers was added to the decor collection to complete my stay here. While on my travels here in Florida I decided to photograph my spring/ summer outfits I chose for this trip as well to add a bit more detail within the photographs. I spent my 3rd night here going out for dinner with my whole family in Punta Gorda, and the restaurant we dined in was located in Punta Gorda by the open ocean it was dinner by a magical paradise view. I typically love to purchase souvenirs and magazines to remember each of my travels around the world. I purchased a beautiful white hat while I was out with my family, the hat has sunny Florida printing on it and I also collected the Florida map magazines as memoir of my magical travels as I encourage others who love to travel to collect souvenirs, books, postcards, photos and etc to keep your travels organized and have them forever.Travel is Life. <3


Hey there,

So it is day 5 here in Florida, and so far I have had a pretty productive day, I have been cleaning around my space and organizing my living area, and for the remainder of the day I will be resting and shopping. The weather here in Florida is not the best today, it is overcast and windy unfortunately, I do not see rain in the forecast thankfully, but it is typical for Florida weather around this time of year for rain and thunder- showers. The plants and trees here desperately need a bit of rain I am looking outside my door and I see the palm trees and plants are in need of some sort of water desperately. The house I am staying at here also has a turtle in the yard name George, he is the cutest turtle I have yet to see, he wonders around the yard and visits us for food and water. I can't begin to explain how this luxury house feels exactly like a spa resort, it is exactly what I needed for a getaway vacation to a calm relaxing area with little to no chaos.I tend to perform better mentally where their is no chaos around and less people. Being able to spend a week here in Florida at this luxury spa resort villa enables me to gain back my mental health and sanity and block out all the chaos from my daily life and meditate and relax more.

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