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Summer Trips to Greece

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Good-evening to all my readers in Greek we say "Kalispera" as a way to greet people during the evening. I take annual trips with my family to the homeland yearly. I did my best to photograph each area I stopped through, I was rushed a bit through my process, but above you''ll find some of the relaxing and beautiful places I visited. I discovered some of the cutest places, such as island style beach bars in Litochoro. I came across this interesting tower of rocks at the beach and yes of course you'll see me in one of the mirrored photographs with my camera, I nearly travel everywhere with my camera. I visited Litochoro, Katerini, Paralia and of course to my Yiayia's village. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to islands this summer, however I certainly will have it in my plans for next summer in Litochoro, Greece is known as the town of Mount Olympus one of the highest peaks in Northern Greece. As you can tell I love flowers, I nearly photograph every flower I see. I have to say I am the miniature version of my grandmother. Yiayia Ioanna loves flowers and of course I do too, and how beautiful is this grape vine in Yiayia's garden. On my trip to the beach I came across this cute miniature boat parked and guess what I discovered on it. My name "KYPIAKH", which translates to Sunday the day of the week.

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