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Summer Trips- Greece 2022

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Hello Loves,

I am back after a few months of being absent, I have spent the last few months traveling in Greece. I can't wait to share with all of you my story of my trip to Greece this past summer. Below I have created a collage of just some shots from my beautiful country. From the beaches, to the food, the mountains, the exquisite history and amazing Greek culture. I began my trip flying into Athens, Greece with my awesome family and we spent about eight days exploring Athens,Greece. Of course we couldn't forget,but to visit the amazing Acropolis in Athens and the Museum. The Acropolis is such a unique and amazing piece of history filled with so much culture and love for the country of Greece. While visiting Greece I had the opportunity to attend my cousin's beautiful wedding. This wedding was the most beautiful wedding I have attended in my lifetime. From the church ceremony, to the amazing venue at the four seasons hotel, the awesome fireworks and most importantly amazing people to be surrounded by.

After spending eight days in Athens with my family I went up North to Greece near Thessaloniki, village where my parents are from. I spent the remainder of my visit in Litochoro, and Katerini, Greece. I also had the opportunity to visit Mount Olympus in Litochoro, Greece. One of the most beautiful mountain peaks in Greece. The mountain of the greek gods, where fresh mountain water runs through the streams. I could never forget how amazing the mountain scenery was with sunlight beaming through the trees. It was truly so relaxing and rejuvenating to visit the mountain.

Another unforgettable experience I had while visiting Greece, I had the chance to go horseback riding in the hills of Trifolos,Piera,Greece. It is a small village 37 mins from my parents village of Katerini, Greece. The horseback riding experience was one of the best moments I have had in my life. No words will be able to explain how amazing Greece is and what a beautiful country it is and everything it has to offer to the world. I have so much love in my heart for my country and my roots. Greece is forever in my heart. <3

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