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Summer Time - "Kalokairi"

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Hey Loves,

Can you believe summer time has arrived here in New England. It is June, the start of the summer and I am certainly looking forward to warm weather, sun and the beaches. Of course I will be getting outdoors and photographing more amazing places that I may travel to this summer. In Greek we say "Kalokairi" for summer time. I am starting off my summer outdoors photographing beautiful nature and taking in the the sunshine. My favorite part about living in New England is waking up to the ocean breeze, I love waking up to the ocean and sleeping to sunsets everyday. A healthy, beautiful lifestyle is so important to me, which is how I discovered my passion for photography and writing. Below I have shared some photos of the start to my summer. It is so calming and relaxing walking through the garden of flowers blossoming here in my yard in the early mornings. I typically spend the beginning of my summers here in New England and end my summers in Greece for the "Kalokairi". Summer times in Greece are amazing too, which I certainly will be sharing on my website too, but for now here are some of my photos of summers in New England.

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