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South-Coast - Fall River

Ah it is me again loves, I am back writing to you trying to catch up on updates on the last few weeks. So I attend a therapy program in Fall River, Massachusetts and I have met such wonderful and supportive individuals at my therapy program. Along aside attending great therapy groups I also explored around a bit of Fall River, MA as well. So while driving to and from my therapy program their is a beautiful ocean view I drive by every morning on my way to therapy and this location is a very well known area for Fall River right by a very large bridge. The battleship I drive by here in Fall River is so beautiful. It is known as the Battleship Cove, which is a nonprofit maritime museum and war memorial in Fall River, Massachusetts, United States. Featuring the world's largest collection of World War II naval vessels, it is home to the highly decorated battleship USS Massachusetts. The ship is located at the heart of the waterfront at the confluence of the Taunton River and Mount Hope Bay and lies partially beneath the Braga Bridge and adjacent to Fall River Heritage State Park.

The memorial traces its origins to the wartime crew of Massachusetts, who fought to save it from being broken up and ensure its preservation as a museum ship.

The battleship forms a small cove which serves as a protected harbor for pleasure craft during the summer months. The Fall River Yacht Club maintains a dock nearby. The site also contains the historic 1920 Lincoln Park Carousel made by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, PTC #54, originally located at Lincoln Park in nearby North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, restored by local vocational high school students and installed in a new pavilion in the early 1990s. A fairground organ provides the carousel's music. The type of organ is unknown, but it plays Wurlitzer 150 rolls.

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