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- November is National Epilepsy Month-

So November is just around corner and yet another important month to me. November is National Epilepsy Month. At age 6 I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I suffered with the diagnosis for about 17 years of my life. From age 6-16 I was put through hell. My therapist asked me the other day do want to discuss the topic in our sessions and I said it is very hard to openly talk to anyone about it ,so she said that's okay we can push that aside. Where do I even begin with this story. From 6 years old up until 16 years old. I have hospitalized endless times. My epilepsy haunted my life, I would wake up having scary seizures, migraines and headaches. It was me arising from hell, wake up and you have a headache, migraine, some days I would wake up vomiting from the pain, traumatizing, nothing was fun about my condition. Not the headaches, not the migraines, not me seizing it was all traumatizing to me. My condition definitely triggered my anxiety and depression significantly. For years I was suffering with this condition it a dark, depressing haunting condition in the brain. Never quite found out who in my family had the condition, but someone did just never found out who. I constantly have to be monitored for my condition, and if I am put under stressful environments it triggers my anxiety and seizures even more, I have improved significantly from this condition in the last few years. Nature, meditation and relaxation decreases my symptoms.

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