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Bostonians - Beantown

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

The next best place in New England is the city of Boston,MA. The city known as "Bean-Town". It was founded in 1630 as one of the oldest cities in the U.S, that is known for it's freedom trail, the cute Faneuil Hall marketplace, the Boston Commons park and of course Beacon Hill located right at the State House with the beautiful cobblestone pathways and the Victorian brick row houses. You can't forget the best sports teams are right in the heart of city. The Boston Red Sox, The New England Patriots and top it off some of the most prestigious, universities are right here in Boston,Massachusetts.

I've created some of my best memories here in Boston. Attending college, networking with creative individuals, where I have met some amazing creative talents.

The next best place I have visited in New England has to New Hampshire during the winter time. The ice castles have to be one the most unique places to visit. I visited the ice castles this past winter with my sisters and we walked around feeling like popsicles, but let's be honest we were ice queen's in a frozen castle.

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