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New Bedford Port Authority

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Hello World,

It is me Kiriaki- " Korina". I am back writing to you after about 6-9 months. I have been taking space for myself and decided to push everything aside and focus on myself, and start taking care of myself. I unfortunately had to put my photoshoots and blogging on pause to focus on my mental health as my number one priority. While I have been in the process of taking care of my mental health one thing that helps me improve my mental health is spending time outdoors in nature and taking photographs with my Nikon Camera. Below shown I have taken beautiful photos of the New Bedford Port fishing boats on my walk earlier today. Can you believe the New Bedford Port Authority was once known as the World's largest and richest city in the world for the fishing industry and whaling industry. I have been so fortunate to grow up in a city with diverse culture, local businesses and talent.

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