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Hotel Adventures

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

May 24,2019,

Have you had that burst of excitement strike you when you plan a trip and choose your stay. I had such an adventure the last month, enjoyed my stay in a few different hotels, so far I stayed in four different hotels within the Connecticut area, between the Holiday Inn, Marriott, Hotel Zero Degrees and the Hilton. Out of all my stays I have to say the Hilton of Stamford, Connecticut is by far my best stay yet. The Hilton treated to executive suite, got me a nice goody bag too.I certainly would recommend for visitors to stay at the Hilton of Stamford,Connecticut, the Holiday Inn of Stamford,Connecticut and Hotel Zero Degrees all surround the downtown area and right off the highway, which is convenient and easily accessible to main attractions, restaurants and stores. Each and every hotel I stayed at accommodated my nicely, the staff, the guests and the stay were all so welcoming and kind to me. I met some amazing people, who became my friends, supportive of me while enjoying my stay there.

My Breakfast

Magic Mirror- Holiday Inn



Crowne Plaza Lights

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