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Growing up Greek

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

As you all may know, I am Greek-American blogger and of course as all Greek people, we have many large Greek celebrations, one of the largest being "Pascha" also known as the Greek Orthodox Easter. In the Greek culture all the Greek family members and relatives get together during each celebration and holiday, Easter is one of the largest and well- known holidays in the Greek culture. I spent my easter with my beautiful family, each year typical all get together from Christmas, to Easter to New Year's. This past Easter, on Good Friday, "Megali Paraskevi" I spent it attending the "Epitafio" in a beautiful church in Stamford,Connecticut. Then the following day I got together with relatives in Massachusetts and participated in the traditional easter activity. This church where I attended the "Epitafio" was beautiful beyond belief, I certainly will be visiting more in the future to come, below are photos from the beautiful church I attended.

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