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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Ask me what type of food I love and my response will immediately be "Greek dishes",who doesn't love Greek dishes. The Greek culture is full of amazing and unique foods, art and yes of course Greeks invented education.The alphabet, art, books and the list continues everything about the Greek culture is amazing and I constantly learn more and more about the Greek culture each time I visit the homeland with my family. Below you'll find photos of some my favorite greek dishes I enjoy. A frappe is one of the most popular coffees, similar to the popular dunkin donuts iced coffee of America. Step foot in Greece any where you go you'll see an individual drinking a frappe also known as a greek- iced coffee, but of course the frappe is only the most authentic and best type of coffee to have been created. I couldn't resist and add in other desserts and dishes I love, did I mention I love supporting local businesses from some of my favorite local businesses in hometown New Bedford House Pizza, Mirasol's Cafe and of course Elm Street Diner and my list could continue.

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