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Falling in love with New England

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Forgive me for sharing these trips a year late, but better late than never right. Last fall I took a trip to an amazing place of New England, you sometimes don't appreciate where you live until you explore, life is all about exploring, because why not. I paid a visit to Newbury, Massachusetts where I explored the beautiful sunflowers fields on Colby Farm. It had acres and acres of golden sunflowers, spread across miles and miles along the field. The sunflowers were standing six feet tall hugging over you. I totally recommend visiting this place during the summer time! A fun and relaxing place to enjoy a beautiful place.

I learned a lot this past year about life, my life my long and short terms goals. Learn to love yourself because no one else will, don't settle for any less than you deserve and do not let anyone define who you are meant to be in life. Dream big until you reach those goals and for those who do not support your passions, dreams and goals, simply remove them from your life,I promise you'll feel better about yourself.

xoxo Kiriaki Kyriakidis

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