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Around Town -Whaling City

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I have some amazing places I spend most of my leisure time around, the beach is one of them. I love spending time by the ocean, helps release your thoughts and your anxious mind. I wake up to the ocean sunrise and fall asleep to the golden sunset. I took a moment and sat by the ocean and began reading this book called "Power your Happy", as I watched the sunset and then I took a drive around town and came across this mural painting in New Bedford at a local package store, how neat is the painting on the wall.New Bedford was once known as a fishing capital of the world. I could sit here for days and hours watching the sunset and the clouds pass through. I had to take a moment and stop and take a photo of the amazing street painting that was recently created by a local artist. I also had to stop and take a photo of this historic theater building. The historic theater building is one of the oldest buildings in nation. Can I also mention the architecture on the building is amazing, a miniature version of the acropolis and the beautiful art pieces from the Ancient Greek ruins.

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